DESN - valve and environment

- the Way to the future

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Environmental and energy targets of DESN

Compliance with existing environmental laws and regulations is self-evident to us. In addition, we have set a number of goals:

  • Our production must  as possible as be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

  • Our company is continually striving to improve environmental protection and energy efficiency.

  • It should use economical resources to economize and avoid wastes wherever possible.

  • It should be economical with raw materials, electricity and water.

  • Our employees must be constantly informed and informed about the importance of their activities for the environment.

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Sustainability - for all of us

Economic action always has environmental effects. Keeping these environmental impacts low and reducing them is the declared goal of our company. We want to continually reduce our consumption of resources, to act sustainably in all business areas and thus to steadily reduce the environmental impact of our work.

DESN strives for cost-effective, environmentally compatible and energy-efficient solutions for products, from production to disposal. The continuous improvement of all production processes with regard to profitability, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency is an integral part of our company philosophy.

Thus, We take our responsibility towards customers, employees and society.