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Not only on land, but also on the water, DESN products are used. We offer fittings for liquid or gaseous fuels for marine boiler systems for hot water or steam generation on passenger ships. Since ship traffic is also required to reduce exhaust emissions, particularly in coastal areas, gas-fueled engines and dual-fuel drives are increasingly being used in shipbuilding and the conversion of older ships. For this, DESN offers the suitable quick-release valves. Built and tested according to the rules of the most important classification societies.

DESN for Marine
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Valve technology in shipbuilding

In international shipbuilding, precise and highly developed components are required which work absolutely reliably. Due to special ambient conditions such as corrosion, vibrations or, for example, extreme temperatures, high demands are placed on ship components. Our valves are designed in such a way that they guarantee a perfect function despite these conditions.

In order to certify our customers that our valves really meet these demanding specifications, there are approvals for a number of valves from our comprehensive product range of special valves and from our standard modular program, certified by the Germanischer Lloyd ship classification society.