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Quality is not a matter of personal taste, but the result of extraordinary efforts. Through regular review of our methods and procedures, the quality of our products is a lasting improvement process.

We see the long-term partnership and close cooperation with our suppliers and customers as an important contribution to our success. 

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- Worldwide tested and certified 
water abstraction and distribution, as well as sewage disposal and purifi cation are basic prerequisites for infrastructure development. Security of suppliy is crucial for modern water industry. Piping with different lengths and nominal diameters must be automated with a multitude of valves.
Oil and gas
Oil & Gas

- reach the limit as Standard  
Oil & gas are crucial energy sources for the industry. They are extracted, processed, and distributed using most sophisticated technologies and procedures. Due to the high potential hazards for people and environment, strict sets of regulations must be observed within the oil & gas sector.  
DESN solutions fully meet the requirements of the oil & gas industry with their superior SIL capability and usability under most extreme climatic conditions.
chemie industry
- Specialists for all applications 
Everywhere are pipelines and fittings in process technology plants of all kinds. Our products are also everywhere.
Thanks to the modular product concept, DESN can provide tailor-made solutions for a variety of system-specific requirements.
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