DESN - Ventil- und Umwelt-Technik

- der Weg in die Zukunft

freidrich neumann

Technology and innovation have a future

– Friedrich Neumann already knew this when he took his first valve with a horse cart to his customers in 1903 and took it into operation. After generations, it is still today: innovation and technology are and always remain our orientation..

Times have come and gone, markets have changed. We would have stayed with all of this. Thanks to the hundred years of experience in the market of industrial fittings and the consequent further development of environmental technology, we are able to give our customers new products and solutions everyday for the success of our partners and us. 

old factory

Now, as an owner-led participant, we look back on the history of the valve industry. The positive business development encourages us to write the next chapter of the industry together with our customers, employees and suppliers.