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fire protection fo desn

The technical fire protection offers highly efficient fire control options: for more than 100 years, the designs of the fire fighting systems have evolved steadily. By chemical additions or higher pressures with valves, a significantly higher efficiency is achieved today with a lower water input into the building and thus less consequential damage than was necessary at the beginning of the development.

At the same time, modern fire-fighting systems react more sensitively with our products and thus combat fires more clearly, which also minimizes the risk and the expected ensuing damage. The use of water, water foam or gas extinguishing systems can effectively minimize the risk of fire in any case.

fire protection of desn

Minerals & Metallurgy

High quality requirements for the end products of the lime and cement industries or those of the steel industry require absolutely reliable heating systems for heat engineering systems. A wide variety of requirements are placed on the components of the kilns and furnaces' kilns.

Clocked combustion in 24-hour operation or continuously burning flames require a system-specific selection of the valves. Whether 2 million switching cycles per year or a few a month, we offer a solution.