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The term "environmental technology" refers to the equipment and the technical and technological processes for the protection of the environment and the restoration of already damaged ecosystems. These processes are developed in the field of environmental engineering sciences. Partially, engineering science, which deals with environmental protection technology, is also called environmental engineering. The subject of environmental technology is:

In particular waste disposal, waste incineration, recycling, landfill disposal, wastewater treatment, technical measures for water, soil, noise and radiation protection, methods for reducing air pollution (eg flue gas desulphurization), Methods for the effective use of renewable energies (eg solar energy, geothermal energy, biofuels), as well as the measurement technology monitoring and monitoring of pollutants and environmental damage.

There are also environmental engineering concepts and measures for environmentally friendly production, energy saving and the prevention and reduction of emissions and waste. The following applications are distinguished:

  • End-of-pipe technologies

  • Integrated product

  • Environmental protection 

Convince yourself of our products for your applications in environmental technology worldwide.

Recyclingtechnik desn

Waste and recycling technology

Our environment and environmental protection are the main focus of our product development. For this reason, we are jointly developing innovative solutions for a clean future with our partners from the waste and recycling industry. A large number of companies from the Federal Association for Secondary Substances and Waste Disposal Trust our product solutions.

Please contact us with your individual requirements for applications of your plants. Together with you, we develop efficient solutions to further reduce the burden on our environment and to make your production more efficient and effective. Convince yourself of our solutions for your applications in waste and recycling technology worldwide.

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Prevention of air pollution

As one of the most important objectives of our time, requires reliable technology in thermal process plants to achieve a minimum emission. We offer corrosion-resistant safety shut-off valves and control valves with corresponding testing for combustion plants for the low-emission disposal of environmentally hazardous exhaust gases.