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Kraftwerke desn

Power station

Both on gas turbines of large power stations and large boiler plants, as well as in the decentralized power supply at the gas engine, the fuel cell or the turbine in the smaller power range, the DESN valves are used to safely shut off the fuel supply. Regardless of the fluid, whether gaseous or liquid, we manufacture a wide range of safety shut-off valves and flow control valves. For applications with explosion protection, we offer complete solutions.

For more than 40 years we have been helping our customers reduce their operating costs. By increasing the reliability of your gas and steam turbines. One of the most dynamic markets, whether onshore or offshore, is the gas turbine market. Both manufacturers and users need to find the right balance between reliability, security, and regulatory compliance. We work closely with manufacturers and users and are thus able to offer our customers market-leading products and individual solutions.

  • Supply of market-leading products for liquid control

  • Our global approach ensures local support

  • Market-leading safety and reliability concepts

  • Specially developed valves for high reliability and durability under extreme conditions Reduction of maintenance costs